G market, launch G-messenger

Article : G마켓, `G메신저` 서비스 개시
I thinks these daring changes are gmarket’s power to expand market share.
G-market also launched at first RSS service among Korea internet shopping malls.
ps. for foreigners
Gmarekt is the number 1 marketplace in Korea.
Maybe gmarket monthly GMS(gross merchandising sales) is larger than auction(ebay Korea) in Oct, 2005.

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2 replies on “G market, launch G-messenger”

hello there. i saw gmarket and i would love to order things from there, but the problem is that i cant read korean. and another is that i live in the US.. i know they do overseas too but i was wondering is u can help me..?

Hello, Mai. Nice to meet you.
To conculude, G-market already service overseas delievery for most countries. 🙂
You can get a information about gmarket’s foreign delievery, click this.
– You can use the google translator. but as I see it Korean to English translated result is not good.
also you could ask for gmarket some guide by email ( and by telephone (82-2-6277-6700) and by fax (82-2-3016-5452)
I wish this comment could help you.
Here’s the gmarket foreign delievery cost table, click here.
horizontal line
1 Region = China, Japan, …
2 Region = Indonesia, India…
3 Region = US, Canada, England, France, Germany …
4 Region = Brazil, Mexico …
vertical line
weight (Kg) currency (kr won)

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